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      2. Company  or  Bill of Lading  or  Container  :
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        Seehog China Customs house broker

        Contact details

        E-mailContact now
        Postal code:523000
        Address:No.109, Block 1, Happiness Mansion,

        About company

        Seehog China Customs house broker located in China, make customs clearance for shipment entry china smoothly. It is no problem to handle in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and 15 ports of China. It is rich experiences to import food, machinery/device, chemical, cosmetic and timber.
        Seehog China Customs Broker is a licensed professional who is an expert on the rules, regulations, and paperwork needed to import into China.

        Seehog China Customs house Broker are specialist in:
        Import and export customs clearance Brokerage services in China (professional)
        FORWARDING Service
        China Inland pick up and deliveries
        Warehouse Storage
        Door to Door shipments
        FCL/LCL Services

        Our China Customs clearance service advantage:
        1.swift customs clearance
        2.Professional clearance advisor
        3.simple clearance procedure

        wechat:+86 18038319027
        QQ: 3123865805