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      2. Company  or  Bill of Lading  or  Container  :
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        Contact details

        E-mailContact now
        Phone(+86) 0755-82223640
        Postal code:518000
        Address:Rm16A West Block Wenhua Bldg Shennan Rd East., Luohu Dist., Shenzhen, China

        About company

        Basenton Logistics is a privately owned, leading China logistics services provider from China. Established in 2008 by a team of professionals who are delicated and sincere to responding promptly to customer demands. Continued to diversified expansion beyond its core business has made BASENTON a comprehensive logistics solution provider, covering global LCL,Ocean/Sea freight (FCL), air freight, courier express service warehousing, logistics, distribution, dangerous cargo, customs clearance, transportation and trading services.