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        Shahji Marine

        Contact details

        E-mailContact now
        Postal code:364001
        Address:Plot No: 2564, Block No -7, Jamnakund, Gulshan Tenement,

        About company

        Shahji Marine is a trusted firm to buy CENTRIFUGE & SEPARATOR SPARES and Marine Machinery. Since 2010. Shahji Marine has been an honest dealer/trader for marine and industrial equipment. Most of our customers repeat us.
        Shahji Marine Global Distributor of New/used Alfa laval oil Separator and purifier, Alfa laval purifier parts, auxiliary engine spares, Westfalia oil separator and purifier and its spare parts at very effective price and High Quality spare parts for disc centrifuges manufactured by WSK, Mitsubishi, GEA Westfalia, and other brands available upon request. We offer all kinds of Marine and Industrial Overhauled, Recondition Oil Separator for Purification of Diesel, Lubricating Oil, H.F.O, and for much industrial use like Virgin Coconut oil. We are purchasing oil purifiers or separators and original or OEM spares from the yard, and then we are reconditioning purifiers at our warehouse, our warehouse located in India.

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