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      2. Company  or  Bill of Lading  or  Container  :
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        Artan Shipping Service LLC

        Contact details

        E-mailContact now
        Phone+98 912 076 6705
        Fax+98 77 3335 1106
        Postal code:7514693639
        Address:Unit3, 2nd Floor, Jokar Bldg., Taleqani Ave., Busheh, IRAN

        About company

        In the rapidly evolving shipping industry, it is more important than ever for owners, operators and charterers to partner with a robust and versatile agent that will deliver reliability, quality, and peace-of-mind. At Artan Shipping, we have positioned ourselves to provide the highest level of service to our customers while helping them to achieve their goals in sea transportation and integrated logistics solutions.
        Artan shipping service founded in 2015 but with long experience specialized in port agency service, dry bulk chartering, crew management and marine survey. The founder of the shipping company have many years of experience in the maritime and logistic sector. Our expertise in the shipping business allows us to provide port agency service in all ports of Iran with the highest standards including Bushehr, Abbas, BIK and Chabahar port.

        Our main services included of:

        - Shipping and Port Agency in All ports of IRAN
        - Ship Chartering
        - Ship sale and purchase brokering
        - Crew Management
        - Ship design and marine engineering
        - Flag registration service
        - Stevedoring Service
        - Ship Chandling and oil supply