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      2. Company  or  Bill of Lading  or  Container  :
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        khome Global Logistics LTd

        Contact details

        E-mailContact now
        Postal code:+234
        Address:KM1 Eleme/Onne Road Port Harcourt

        About company

        Khome offer professional and effective customs clearance of shipments. Our hands on approach are unique giving our clients the very best service they need. We act on the behalf of the importer/exporter for the best tariff implementation in line with Nigeria government customs policy offering fast, trust-able and right services. Khome undertakes clearing and forwarding service without relying on third parties, staff clears all cargo. We handle all clearance for all cargo either Air or Sea, FCL or LCL, Break Bulk and vehicles. Our ranges of Customs Brokerages Services are:

        Arrangement of all processed documents such as, Form M, Insurance certificate, Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR), commercial invoice, proforma invoice, air waybill(for air shipments), SONCAP (if necessary), NAFDAC permit (For drugs, chemicals and food).
        Collection of documents from Airlines and their agents, handling charges and fees.
        Processing of Custom Bill of Entry through the Nigeria Customs Services.
        Positioning of shipment for Assessment and release.
        Arrangement of offloading to any designations.